Does yoga help anxiety?


Although they have, neither studies nor theories are the most suitable to answer this question. In fact, no one better to answer it than yourself. If you suffer from anxiety, you know what it is to have a cold sweat on your hands that paralyzes you, constant anguish and tightness in the chest, dizziness and terrible episodes of insomnia, respiratory problems. And these are just a few of the many other symptoms that suffer those who deal with this horrible disease, so widespread in our society.

For this reason, it is best to remedy it immediately. In case you have detected anxiety for yourself and in an initial stage you have several solutions. You can either go to a professional who treats you with really harsh and unpleasant pills and shock therapies or you can opt for natural remedies.

Yoga enters the latter. Sport releases enough endorphins to keep the brain “clueless” of its worries and negative thoughts for a while and there is no better sport for this than yoga since the basis of this is the concentration on the “present self” and through pranayama we can improve any respiratory problem that we can accuse.

The key is to combine the mantra “I will , I am, I am” for every thought “I must should have to” Quieting the mind on the present moment, as if meditásemos active as meditation Passive for a person with anxiety, if he has little practice or is still initiated, it can be very difficult and overwhelming since the mind will take longer than normal to enter a meditative state and the subject will begin to think that it is a waste of time in a way that practice would not work.

The Hatha Yoga is the mode that best fits these cases, does not involve excessive movement energy although allowed to flow without allowing pressure to gradually open the channels through which it is distributed.

It is good that we take into account a phrase I heard a long time ago from a yoga teacher who says the following: “If you have time, spend 10 minutes on yoga every day. If you don’t have time, spend at least 20 minutes every day. “

There is time, for everything and for what there must be the most is for our health.

I recommend putting this phrase into practice for 10 days, let’s accompany the practice with a diet of teas and infusions at the end of a meal a day and with long walks at a good pace to maintain cardio. This lifestyle can keep us away from doctors and aggressive pill and antibiotic therapy. In any case, if it is a highly developed and advanced anxiety, it is good to consult with your specialist.


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