Improve your health with therapeutic yoga


The therapeutic yoga is highly recommended for people who wish to overcome some kind of physical problem naturally. It stands out for its simplicity and its progressiveness, where the pains will gradually disappear and that allows recovery in many cases.

This yoga class is designed to overcome problems, and it does not demand much, since a small session will be necessary that can last about 10 minutes a day, generally. Therapeutic yoga usually includes other aspects of yoga called: Restorative Yoga, Viniyoga, Yin Yoga and Bharata Yoga.

Benefits of therapeutic yoga

We are talking about a practice of many centuries that has a positive effect for the human being. Yoga transforms our body and mind, something that is not cheap talk, because Harvard and other institutions have shown that it does help improve our health.

Improved lung capacity with breathing exercises

There are many types, but a very famous one is the 5-10-10 breathing cycle, where you breathe in for 5 seconds, hold your breath for another 10, and release another 10 seconds. They are cycles that help increase the capacity of our lungs if they are done regularly.

Reduces headache

This is a practice that helps to strengthen the muscles of the neck, which often cause headaches.

Stronger bones

There are scientific studies, such as the one carried out in 2009, which concluded that a regular yoga practice can help increase the density of bones in the adult population

Improvements in body posture and flexibility

Many of the problems of our back, pain, muscular tension and others, are due to the maintenance of bad posture. The practice of yoga helps to maintain the spine in an optimal state and the posture will be different.

Helps a good breathing at the nasal level

Breathing is something important, in all its practices, especially in the case of therapeutic yoga, since we are aware that there are people for whom breathing causes problems.

Improving our balance

To be able to do multiple postures, it is necessary to maintain a balance. You have to do the exercises depending on your physical condition or your abilities, but you always have to consider that you will improve little by little. Without a doubt it is something that is noticed on a daily level. In the event that you have hearing problems, you will notice it very positively.

Good for diabetics

Diabetics can also benefit from the practice of yoga, since what it does is allow blood sugar levels to be lower than not practicing it. Diabetic problems do not go away, but you will be better.

As you can see, therapeutic yoga is a very useful tool if you want to stop suffering from the pain and various problems at the level of body and mind that haunt you. A solution without side effects and that works.


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