How to maintain a healthy and lasting relationship?


Being in a stable and long-term relationship is not impossible, but it does require effort, love, empathy and conciliation. Your partner should be your peace, never your stress. And to achieve this, both have to do their part. Here’s what long-lasting, healthy couples look like:

They do not idealize the other

Of course, relationships mature and evolve over time. But it is of utmost importance to always remember what the other is like and never expect them to change. You do not want to mold your partner to your liking, rather let her be how she wants to be. Of course, you can ask him for things, just not ask too much of him. Remember, it is one thing to reconcile to have the other happy, and quite another is to change who you are.

They experience new things

For those couples who have been together for years, who are even married or have children, it is easier to fall into the routine. But breaking the cycle of monotony has a solution. One area that must always be reinvented is sex. Healthy couples seek to explore new things. For example, with toys for adults. These increase fun, excitement, passion, and pleasure. Guaranteed!

They have good communication

Anyone can tell: the key to keeping a relationship afloat is communication. And by this they do not mean saying everything, but knowing how to say it. Couples who practice assertiveness are emotionally intelligent. They argue, of course. But they know how to do it. For example, they do not offend the other, they do not apply the law of ice, they do not seek revenge, they are not aggressive, etc.

They tell the whole truth

Honesty is another vital piece in any relationship. And it is that not telling the whole truth is also a way of lying. Discovering the other in a lie can break all the trust that took years to build. And it will always be very difficult to rebuild it. This is why the happiest couples are the ones who try to be honest all the time.

Spend time together

It may seem like a no-brainer, but there are many couples who don’t make time for each other, even when they are in the same place! Something that works for many stable couples is to schedule one day a week to connect. It can be cooking, going to the movies, or just chatting at home. The idea is to truly procure the other, and of course, turn off the cell phone!

They don’t keep score

“Slate and new account” is the phrase that best describes this characteristic of long-lasting couples, since they never claim things that have already been forgiven and forgotten. If you want to have a healthy relationship, never keep score.

They admire each other

Mutual admiration is one of the most determining things in a long-term relationship. If you do not admire the other, there is no point in continuing. From virtues to talents, admiration can encompass many things. It is an element that must exist in every couple.

They trust blind

Trust is how the backbone of a relationship. If not present, the couple is simply not sustainable. Trust is to be sure that the other person will be there for difficult times, that they will respect you, that they will help you and that, also, they will make you see when you are wrong. If you are suspicious, it is not there! Long-term relationships do exist, but as you have seen, they require a lot of effort and dedication from both parties. If you feel that you need to reinforce any of these points, do it! It is always a good time to improve.


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