Benefits of sodium chlorite and how to use it to purify drinking water


Also known as MMS, sodium chlorite is a substance that is used with increasing frequency and confidence to purify and disinfect water for human consumption, as well as an active part of hygiene products and disinfectants.

When talking about sodium chlorite, it refers to its reactive substance, but what not many know is that its main component (sodium chloride) is a mineral of great abundance in the earth, which is found naturally in the sea ​​water and other rock formations.

The truth is that we all need water to live and that only 0.007% of it is drinkable, which means that although the earth is made up mostly of water, there is very little that humans can drink without running. risks. That is why sodium chlorite is increasingly in demand on the market.  We all want drinking water, and its uses and benefits are very important.

Sodium Chlorite Benefits

There are several benefits that we can obtain with this type of product. 

To travel

If you are planning to take a trip to some inhospitable or remote destination, where you do not have a guarantee of the quality of the water, you can take this product with you to make sure that all the water you consume is really drinkable. Not in all places it is common to find it and less when opening a tap. 

It does not have microorganisms

Due to its chemical effect, we can be sure that by consuming this water we will not get sick in any way, since the main objective of this component is to eliminate any microorganism that is found in it. 

Its price

obtaining sodium chlorite is not expensive at all, anyone can buy it, take it on a trip, carry it in their suitcase and use it when necessary. It is a great tool to transform water for human consumption and to be sure that we are consuming quality water free of any impurities.

Where to buy sodium chlorite

This chemical compound is available in specialized stores. In addition, thanks to new technologies, you can buy chlorine dioxide online through recognized stores such as the online herbalist Mon Natura, who have been selling mineral MMS, sodium chlorite and CDS for more than fifteen years, so they offer maximum quality, variety and excellent prices.

The same experts from this herbalist explain how to use chlorine dioxide to make water drinkable. This component is required in a 25% solution, but in addition, it must be combined with the 4% activator HCL.

Now, the process is done by quantity and by time. For the first part, 2 drops of the product should be added for each liter of water, this is essential, since if you add a higher amount, the effect can be counterproductive, both for human consumption and for consumption in animals.

Regarding the time factor, the mixture does not take effect immediately, you have to wait half an hour for all the water to become drinkable. Depending on its quality, this period may be increased or decreased.

Other considerations

In addition to considering the quantity and time aspects, a number of other factors must be taken into account:

  • The product should move as little as possible.
  • It must remain in an upright position.
  • If the ambient temperature exceeds 24 degrees Celsius, it is best to refrigerate the product in the refrigerator, as its properties could be adulterated.
  • Do not use the product without the activator.
  • It is very important to follow all the manufacturer’s instructions, to avoid risks that could be counterproductive to health.

This product should be given other uses:

  • It is used to wash fruits and vegetables.
  • It acts as a bactericide, antiviral and fungicide.
  • Eliminate bad odors.
  • It is used in health centers to sterilize surgical utensils and other sanitary materials.


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