How to avoid wear and tear and improve joint health?


People who submit their body to strenuous exercise routines -both for personal development or for being high-performance athletes-, older adults who have had and lead an active physical life, and people with obesity or with problems associated with sedentary lifestyle, tend to accuse the most common symptoms associated with joint wear problems, and for all of them, the following tips will be of great use.

Adequate supplementation

Joint wear is usually directly related to the loss of the intervening cartilage between the main bones and joints of the body, but it can also be associated with a collagen deficiency or increased oxidative stress, due to the rhythm of life, poor rest habits or exercise.

There are products like Carticure Plus in Farmacia 4 Estaciones that have been specifically designed to meet those needs and eliminate the risks related to joint wear and tear.

This medicine acts in two different ways, being safe to use, both for older adults who suffer from pain related to joint wear and tear, and for high-performance athletes who, due to the work they do, require additional help so as not to lose quality of life or have discomforts.

Among the benefits it brings, we can highlight:

  • Prevents joint wear by directly strengthening cartilage.
  • It contains the recommended daily dose of minerals and vitamins that are directly associated with joint protection and collagen synthesis.

Yoga benefits people with related illnesses

Beyond the fact that the previous solution is fast and safe, and therefore recommended, we cannot fail to mention the role of yoga in joint health, mainly because there are no limits in the people who can practice yoga, being also safe for most people.

And it is that according to research from universities specialized in medicine and traumatology in the United States, people with joint or degenerative problems at the bone level, had improved their quality of life by up to 25% with the frequent practice of yoga. Something to take into account, above all, in the effects related to the reduction of pain and swelling, but also in the perception of oneself and the state of mind, which is always directly related to the way in which they are carried these types of diseases.

However, it will depend on each particular case, since for high performance athletes or older adults with an active life, yoga will complement and help them to naturally regenerate many situations ; While a person with obesity or who may suffer from problems related to sedentary lifestyle, will require in addition to yoga or the correct supplementation, the help of a specialist to overcome their problems associated with joint wear, which can be very painful and weigh on quality of life completely.

Other Tips to Relieve Joint Pain

Both yoga and appropriate medications will help prevent possible discomforts and, in turn, alleviate existing pain. However, there are other tips that can be useful for everyone:

  • Controlling anxiety or stress levels is related to an improvement in joint pain. The situations that take the organism to the edge of these situations, cause a lot of oxidative stress, which advances the processes of joint wear and tear.
  • Maintaining the proper postures and not performing repetitive movements without intermediate breaks can contribute to the improvement of joint conditions. The posture, above all, is associated with transverse and lasting relief, especially in the elbows and knees, but also at the level of the spine. Repetitive movements wear out and swell the joints, so they should be avoided and, more than anything, resting moderately between each of their performances – using keyboards and mice, for example, is associated with accelerated joint wear on the wrists and elbows. -.

In summary, leading a healthy life, full of habits that add to the general quality of life, is the best decision to take care of joint health.


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