Benefits of homeopathy for relieving cold symptoms


The common cold, also called catarrh, is usually the reason for consultation that most collapses the health system at certain times of the year. Among the associated symptoms are headaches, earaches, general malaise, itchy throat, runny nose and nasal congestion.

When it comes to treating it, it can be done through conventional medicine or through homeopathic medicine, which is based on natural products. It can be used separately or even in combination in the strongest cases.

What is homeopathy?

Without a doubt, homeopathy can be an alternative for the prevention or treatment of colds. I created it in 1796 Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann. It is fundamentally based on two principles:

  1. A substance that causes the same symptoms in the body as a diseases, has the healing properties of the disease.
  2. An active ingredient is more effective the more diluted it is in water.

In short, we can say that homeopathic medicine is based on the principle of peers, concentration and treatment of the sick person in a global and individual way to achieve a full state of bio-psycho-social health.

Homeopathy for cold relief

When treating colds, like another type of illness, it must be prescribed by a medical professional who is in charge of conducting a personalized assessment. This, in addition to knowing, logically, the doses and the duration so that the harmony of the health of our body is restored.

Some Homeopathic Medicines Used for Colds

  • Discomforts: Aconitum and is used as soon as the first stages of the disease appear.
  • Fever: Ferrum Phosphoricum if it is not very high and Belldadona if it is.
  • Sore throat: Ignatia Amara for the onset of inflammation and Aconirtum Napellus if the pain is accompanied by fever.
  • Earache: Pulsatilla used in cases of mild otitis
  • Congestion and elevated mucus: Luffa Operculata and Sambucus Nigra which is used to combat and improve nasal congestion, accompanied by inflammation of the respiratory tract.
  • Cough and itchy throat: Drosera, Bryronia, Anysum Spongia are the most used, mainly in syrup

Homeopathy is increasingly used and there are laboratories such as Boiron, which stand out for their good products that are an effective alternative on many occasions to the always effective common medicine.


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