3 Health benefits that Yoga provides us


You know perfectly well that exercise is good for you. You’ve probably heard it a thousand times on television, and maybe your doctor has told you to exercise more. There are few fitness programs that truly offer extensive health benefits. Running, for example, strengthens the cardiovascular system, and strength training builds muscle. Yoga is one of the few fitness programs with which you can accomplish all of that and much more.

1. Mobility and Flexibility

As you get older, and we are talking about once you have passed the age of 25, your body begins to lose some of its mobility. Your muscles become short and tight. Tendons can become hard and our joints often ache. When this happens, simple day-to-day movements can become painful and difficult. You may not even be able to touch your toes.

When you walk long distances you can feel back pain. Even if you try to raise your arms above your head, you may feel pain in your neck or shoulders. This is due to lack of mobility.

Yoga can improve your mobility, which means that it can help lengthen your muscles and tendons. It can give you a better range of motion so that when you move your body, you do it as efficiently and effectively as possible. Not only will you feel better, you will stop having those terrible aches and pains.

2. Force

Yoga often requires you to hold an asana (posture) for a long period of time, in most cases you are supporting the weight of your body, which is a great force. Most yoga asanas require great force involving large muscle groups. As these muscles get stronger you will notice how this force expands to other areas of your life. Your posture will improve. You will be stronger, physically, and therefore able to lift and carry more than usual.

3. Stress reduction

Yoga is made up of several factors that will help reduce your stress level. The first component in reducing stress is breathing. Many styles of yoga have a structured breathing protocol. When you focus on breathing, cortisol (the stress hormone) is automatically lowered and your heart rate slows.

Also, yoga requires great concentration. Some postures require not only keeping the body in a balanced position, you must also pay attention to the body and make small adjustments to improve posture. Internalize and focus only on the body and the present moment. This approach reduces stress and produces a wonderful effect not only on the body level but also on the mental level.

Yoga has many other health benefits: breath control, good body posture, and weight loss are just a few more to consider. If you are looking for a physical conditioning program you can try yoga practice, it will surely hook you.


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