Benefits of homeopathy to relieve aphonia


The homeopathy can be a great ally to alleviate your problems hoarseness. There are many homeopathic medicines in which no adverse effects have been found and are highly compatible with other medicines and therapies. Similarly, these types of medications are used by many pregnant women.

Homeopathy is especially useful in cases of dysphonia to treat the most acute processes such as pharyngitis or laryngitis. This therapeutic method helps to alleviate the symptoms related to this type of annoying, such as throat irritation or loss of voice.

One of the great benefits is that throat discomfort can be relieved early on, increasing the chances of a full recovery.

How homeopathy works

This type of discipline has two highly effective medications that are valuable, both to prevent and to treat difficulties in the voice: oscillococcinum and homeobox. In the first case, it is responsible for strengthening the immune system, making it very resistant to the viral stages and the second, what it does is to improve the processes of inflammation and irritation of the pharynx and larynx by means of viruses or an excessive load of the voice.

The drugs have the characteristic of being very effective and you do not need other strategies as soon as they are consumed. Therefore, they can be given to children, adults or pregnant women through personalized therapies.

Precautionary measures

The throat should be well covered, especially in cold weather like the winter season, and the voice should not be forced. It is necessary to maintain a diet that gives priority to the intake of hot foods and infusions.

Care to be taken with aphonia and dysphonia

When you have aphonia or dysphonia, you must diagnose if it is due to a virus or tension in the voice, in order to determine the appropriate treatment to have. If the aphonia occurs in a specific or isolated manner, it must be verified if it derives from a virus or an abuse of speech.


The aphonia when it comes from using the voice without measure, in addition to the dysphonia, does not usually present major symptoms. When it is due to an infectious process, it is common to suffer discomfort, fever and mucus. Homeopathy can be very useful to solve these pathologies.


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