How to cure hemorrhoids?


Hemorrhoids, also popularly known as piles, are one of those health disorders that, without being as serious as other diseases, can be considered one of the most annoying. For this reason, we are going to address what remedies exist, from natural cures and the correction of daily habits to other types of surgery-based hemorrhoid treatment, without forgetting other alternatives such as traditional medicine.

Natural cures and non-surgical methods

A first level of action against hemorrhoids is to change some daily habits that can help the appearance of this disorder. Of course, it would be necessary to redouble the hygiene of the affected area, carry out a crash diet against constipation or reduce the time spent sitting on the toilet.

In the pharmacy you can also find corticosteroid creams that relieve pain, as well as others that contain lidocaine with the same effect. Stool softening creams can also be a resource to reduce pain when you go to the bathroom. On the other hand, if you prefer natural remedies, you can test the effectiveness of sitz baths with warm water and the application of cold or apple cider vinegar with a cotton ball.

These methods can be effective when the hemorrhoid is not excessively serious (grade 1), for example when it produces sporadic bleeding and the discomfort does not represent a serious disorder of daily life.

Surgical Treatments

If with these first measures the problem does not diminish, it will be necessary to consult medical specialists to cure the hemorrhoids, especially if they are of a severe grade (2, 3 or 4) and protrude from the dentate line of the anal canal. The most extensive and last resort is surgery, called a hemorrhoidectomy, which involves removing the swollen veins that cause hemorrhoids. Therefore, tissues are removed and requires hospital admission.

There is also a new alternative solution to cure hemorrhoids, quite painless and less complicated than hemorrhoidectomy: it is known as minimally invasive surgery. A minimal suture is produced and tissues are not removed, favoring a faster recovery. It is an outpatient surgery method, that is, it does not require hospital admission and the patient can resume his normal life the next day in most cases, while return to work can be postponed 2 or 3 days.

Alternative and traditional medicine

As with many diseases and disorders, many are the people who turn to alternative and traditional medicine in search of solutions to hemorrhoids. Although they are not officially approved methods by modern medicine, patients can test their effectiveness, always with the assurance that they do not carry a health risk.

One of the clearest examples is acupuncture. This Chinese alternative medicine, which is also often used to reduce the pain of numerous health problems, should be carried out by professional experts, who will try to relax the body and mind of the patient by puncturing specific points.


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