Apply technological complements to get the most out of your workouts


Thanks to all the smart home gym equipment, workout apps and streaming services, fitness trackers and other consumer health technologies available today, you don’t even need to hit the gym to lose weight and gain weight. For anyone who is not comfortable with the thought of gasping for air in a confined public space or wearing a mask while exercising, this technology is a true boon.

Heart rate monitors

Although most of today’s wearables can read your heart rate, investing in a standalone heart rate monitor has its benefits. For starters, most models are compatible with both ANT + and Bluetooth, so they can stream your heart rate to multiple devices, such as cycling computers, fitness apps, and smart home gym equipment, in real time. Optical heart rate sensors found on Polar, Garmin, Fitbit, Apple Watch, and other wrist-based activity tracking devices calculate your heart rate by shining a light on your skin and measuring blood flow.

Factors such as cold weather, tattoos, and movement can cause optical heart rate sensors to malfunction, making them less reliable.

Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers do more than just monitor steps, sleep, and workouts: The best ones can motivate you to move and encourage you to meet your goals. These devices are more health-focused than smartwatches, but often include some useful lifestyle features, such as mobile payments and music streaming controls.

They also tend to have a much longer battery life than smartwatches. Knowing your heart rate zones helps you train more efficiently.


Have you heard about electrostimulation and the benefits it can bring?

Muscle electrostimulation is a recognized technique in the fields of medicine and sports, which combines the improvement of daily well-being with physical activity. The electro-stimulator as a training tool is a harmless and painless technique that allows effective muscle work without causing cardiac fatigue. Prepares muscles for exercise, toning them and preventing injuries.

After exercise, electrostimulation also helps to recover and reduce signs of muscle fatigue. The beneficial effects of electrostimulation are immediately noticeable from the first use

Smart home gym equipment

The closure of gyms around the world due to COVID-19 led to an increase in the adoption of smart equipment for home gyms. A smart stationary bike over $ 2,000 might have seemed like a frivolous purchase a year ago, but it’s so much more attractive amid our new normal.

But what is it that makes fitness equipment smart and why pay more for it? At the most basic level, smart home exercise equipment connects to the Internet. Most machines have a screen for broadcasting workouts, but some work with a companion app that allows you to view classes on your phone or TV.

Smart fitness devices allow a completely different level of interactivity than their more affordable and offline counterparts. Most offer large libraries of guided classes with expert instructors and / or personalized workouts and programs based on your goals and current fitness level.

Many machines also offer live classes with competitive leaderboards, giving you extra motivation to run, row, or pedal your way to victory. This also fosters a sense of community, making it seem like you’re not training alone.


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