How rest helps your mind


Getting enough rest is the best way to have our brain productive and working at its best. It is important to create times in which our thoughts rest so as not to fall into stress and overwhelm. In this sense, sleeping enough hours on a comfortable and ergonomic mattress can mean the difference between ending the day satisfied and achieving our goals and ending up exhausted and dejected. And is that fatigue also directly affects our mood and our sense of humor. The more rested we are, the better we will be able to solve our problems and deal with vital contingencies with greater sportsmanship.

For the night’s rest to be effective, it is important to have a suitable mattress. For this purpose, experts recommend a medium hardness, soft or hard mattresses can damage our spine and create discomfort during the day. It must be borne in mind that while we sleep the cells of our body are regenerating so that sleep becomes the main ally of our well-being. In addition to the mattress, we must sleep in a suitable fetal position or on our back, to avoid other damage to our back that prevents our body from recovering normally.

Rest during the day is also very important. Practicing activities such as yoga or meditation can help us relax and cope more effectively with everyday difficulties. Finding a moment destined for us and our well-being, as a kind of sanctuary in which problems cannot enter, helps our mind to be rested and, ultimately, to give us the importance we need. On the subject of rest, we cannot forget that it is directly related to our performance in all our daily activities and responsibilities. We will work better with one hour of yoga and eight hours of work than with nine hours of work and none of yoga or relaxation.

Music can also play a fundamental role in the search for mental rest. There are many studies that recommend listening to certain pieces of classical music due to the sensations that they awaken in our brain. In this sense, we cannot forget that not all music works and that there are melodies that can have an effect contrary to what we are looking for. However, meditation melodies from eastern and Amazonian cultures also work very well, which have always been more aware of the role of music in improving our quality of life.

Finally, and accompanying the eight hours of daily sleep and relaxing activities and music, it is advisable to maintain some leisure activity outside of working hours that allows us to disconnect and enjoy a while each day. If we cannot leave the problems of work in the office, it is very likely that they will not let us sleep and that we will not get the desired rest. It is not a question of ignoring problems but of giving each one its proper dimension and being aware that ourselves and our well-being must be the main priority.


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