Discover the contributions of meal replacement shakes to your health


A successful alternative to make up for your excesses or nutritional deficiencies are substitute shakes.

For a long time, various companies have dedicated themselves to the task of innovating with food products that help in the correct nutrition not only of athletes but of the general population. The rhythm of life, poor diet and the increase in overweight in men and women, have promoted the idea of ​​including in the diet of individuals a food that can offer the most appropriate nutrition, for this reason meal replacement shakes have taken over so much force in recent times.

It turns out that these nutritional supplements are not only consumed in weight loss diets, meal replacement shakes are also used to meet the nutritional needs of a large part of the population. These drinks are characterized by having a high content of proteins, vitamins and minerals, low calories, in addition to a variety of flavors.

Today a significant number of diets have replacement shakes as their main ingredient, but do you really know the benefits that these drinks bring to the health of men and women today?

Contributions of meal replacement shakes

Perhaps you have heard of shakes designed to replace meals and think that they are only used to lose weight or are exclusive to diets for athletes, but this is not entirely true, in addition to these benefits, food products designed with this intention have other contributions for you:

  • As they are high in protein, in addition to filling you up and preventing you from wanting to eat at all times, they help you lose weight without having to submit to strict diets that subject you to unhealthy hunger.  
  • Due to its high fiber content, most shakes are very useful for the development of muscle mass, and if you are doing exercises, it helps you lower fat in areas where it accumulates frequently.
  • It has the right amount of nutrients and vitamins to help you stay well nourished, without gaining weight. And in case you lack some type of mineral, you can supply it without having to consume large amounts. It is even easier to find all the nutrients you need in these drinks than in conventional diets, the vitamin D, iron or potassium that are so important for maintaining proper health are often found in these shakes.
  • You do not have to skip any meal, this drink is ideal to supplement any of them, offering all the nutritional supplements you require.
  • How they are made by nutrition professionals have a perfectly measured composition. That is, if you are bad at following diets, meal replacement drinks help you consume exactly what you need without deficiencies or excesses.

Recommendations to include them in your diet

Although it must be an expert in nutrition who indicates the intake of a meal replacement shake, and it is he who gives you the instructions to take this type of supplement, we can make some recommendations if you have decided to include this type of drink in your diet:

  • Do not think that by substituting a meal for this shake you will be hungry, these products have a fully proven satiating effect, which allows you to last until the next meal without feeling hungry.
  • By substituting just one meal, you are dramatically reducing your caloric intake for the day.
  • It is customary to accompany the shake with two glasses of water to reinforce its satiating effects.
  • If your intention is to lose weight quickly, you can substitute two meals with the shakes, also if you had any excess for a week, these drinks are perfect to compensate for it.

Substitute shakes continue to gain followers in the world of fitness and correct nutrition, it has become an alternative for those who seek to make up for their deficiencies or excesses without having to resort to dubious and high-risk diets. It is time to include them in your diet.


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