7 tricks to speed up metabolism and lose weight


We know that exercise brings many benefits to the body. Both physically and mentally, we will be developing our body and we will improve week after week. But sometimes it is not enough to improve our figure (if this is our goal), so we must change our lifestyle to achieve it.

Over the years, the metabolism slows down and we have a harder time shedding those extra pounds. If you are interested in giving it a good boost and achieving your goals, take a look at the products from Máyla Pharma that will help you.

Tricks to speed up the metabolism

As we have said, the rhythm of our organism declines after the age of 30; But it is possible to accelerate the metabolism and thus achieve that the body fat that we burn is the maximum possible.

Drink coffee and green tea

Both are great allies when it comes to losing weight. Green tea is rich in antioxidants and coffee, thanks to caffeine, helps increase the body’s metabolism. However, if you are not used to consuming it, we recommend DELICASLIM® CAFÉ VERDE Y GARCÍNIA, a product based on pomegranate seed oil and wakame and garcinia cambogia seaweed extract that will help us speed up our metabolism as well as reduce our appetite.

Don’t skip breakfast

Surely you have heard hundreds of times that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it is true! Skipping it or having little breakfast will prevent us from activating the metabolism after a night of rest, so it will take longer to start the day.

Eat several meals a day

If we have highlighted breakfast, it is because it is one of the moments that are most easily “forgotten” in our daily lives. But the rest of the meals are also important, since the metabolism increases between 8% and 16% during two or three hours after each meal. You know, five times a day (but maintaining a correct caloric intake).

Bet on proteins

Almost any product rich in protein will be one of the best foods to speed up your metabolism. The thermogenesis of these nutrients (the number of calories necessary to burn them) is 27% of their weight, so we will be improving our metabolism and our muscles.

Consume Omega 3 fatty acids

The transformed fats will not help you with the metabolic process (its thermogenesis is 3%), but the unsaturated ones will. The Omega 3 is present in fish such as salmon, herring and mackerel; so, you will also be fulfilling the previous point.

Give alcohol a break

We all fancy a cool beer when the heat hits, or a glass of wine at dinner; but they are drinks that slow down our metabolism a lot (they provide empty calories). If we really want to notice a change in our body, try to eliminate this habit.

NEAT will be your best help

We end these recommendations by putting food aside. Think that physical exercise is practiced in a timely manner, and represents between 15% and 30% of weekly caloric expenditure. What can really help you is the NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis), which are the activities of our day to day that help us burn calories. Walking up and down the stairs, riding a bike to work, or taking a long walk with your dog will help boost your metabolism.


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