Health benefits of sex


Sex, without a doubt, is a biological need for men and women. We must take into account the benefits it causes not only in terms of pleasure and fun, but also physically and mentally.

For the couple relationship it is a basic component, since it helps to increase love ties, increasing trust, passion and other qualities that make it a highly advisable activity.

Sometimes, if he tends to fall into a routine, due to the stress of daily life, a lifestyle that is too hectic, etc.

A good way to break the monotony is to look for an online sexshop. In vibralia, for example, it has a multitude of sex toys that can help you start exploring new and attractive paths that give a turn to your sexuality, both alone and as a couple.

The important benefits of sex for our body

You can find the great health benefits of sex here. Sex toys as we said, it is possible that they help you have more desire to have sex. Novelty is always good and you can discover new forms of pleasure that help you enjoy yourself or your partner more.

The reduction in stress of having good sex occurs thanks to the secretion of serotonin, which is also called the hormone of happiness. We are talking about a simple remedy that can end our tensions, even after having had sex.

In the field of our immune system, the advantages are clear, since they reach the point where, if we have sex twice a week at least, certain antibodies increase that inhibit the action of foreign agents that enter our body.

Another important benefit is the one it has regarding the health of our heart, where a good session of sex has a highly positive impact by reducing high blood pressure, activating blood circulation, being a cardiovascular exercise and protecting the heart muscle thanks to the secretion of testosterone and DHEA.

If we want to be in shape, we must also know that it counts as physical activity, being perfect if we want to be in shape and thus burn calories, having to complement it with another kind of exercise if we want to obtain better results.

To put figures to this, in 10 minutes we can consume up to 50 calories, while in 20 or 30 it can reach 150. What we must also clarify is that it is not about staying still, both the position and the difficulty of they increase the energy expenditure we make.

The positives of sex even go to the extreme of even rejuvenating us. For example, men who have less than two orgasms a week are less likely to die at an early age compared to those who do not engage in any kind of sexual activity. Sex reduces the concentrations of toxins in our blood and tissues, helping to prevent the aging of cells.


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