Health benefits of quitting smoking


Quitting smoking is difficult. We all know that when the craving is great, it costs more to remember the benefits that quitting smoking has for our health. We can choose to go back to smoking, but the truth is that there is no reason to do so. If you think about it coldly, it is advisable to quit smoking today.

What instant payoff is there to quit smoking?

When we smoke, every time we inhale, a series of chemical compounds from tobacco enter our lungs. The blood is the one that carries toxins in all the organs of the body. There is no amount of cigarette smoke that has no effect.

After you quit smoking, in just 20 minutes after you finish your last cigarette, your body clears nicotine in about three days. Something to keep in mind is that as your body repairs itself, you will feel worse, it is what has the withdrawal symptom, but it is the sign that your body begins to heal.

Longer-term rewards

Tobacco is the culprit of many deaths a year in our country. If you quit smoking, you are sure to live longer. Smokers tend to die an average of 13 years earlier than non-smokers.

Quitting smoking is health. As time goes by, the risk of dying from lung cancer and other diseases such as heart disease or chronic bronchitis decreases.

Another no less important aspect is that reducing the secondhand smoke that your family or friends breathe will also serve to protect those you love. If you stop smoking, both your family and others will realize that not smoking is a possible and healthy alternative.

Effects on your health after smoking

  • As soon as 20 minutes pass, the heart rate and blood pressure drop
  • After 12 hours, the level of carbon monoxide in the blood normalizes
  • After 3 months, both circulation and the function of the lungs themselves improve
  • At 9 months, you will see how you cough less and breathe better
  • When a year passes, the risk of coronary heart disease is reduced by 50%
  • At 5 years of age, the risk of developing cancer of the mouth, throat, bladder or esophagus, is reduced to 50%
  • By age 10, you are half as likely to die from lung cancer and lower your risk of laryngeal or pancreatic cancer
  • At age 15, the risk of coronary heart disease is equal to that of non-smokers.

The advantages of quitting smoking are obvious, so if you’re wondering about it, don’t think about it for a moment.

Being able to have more options not to suffer from terrible diseases such as cancers of various types, some of them with a high mortality rate or the lack of quality of life are enough reasons to bet on life, with the freedom that not being tied down gives. to a vice.


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