Collagen: what it is and what it is for


Virtually everyone has heard of collagen. This protein of the human body is responsible for keeping organic tissues flexible and elastic. For this reason, most people associate it with skin care. Despite this, there are different types of collagens such as Type II Bioactive Collagen present in cartilage.  Important for people with problems or deficiencies in their joint health. Therefore, it is necessary to consider following a diet rich in collagen or introducing collagen-based food supplements such as collagen in Bonflex tablets.

But first it is essential that you understand the importance of it and how it can help you improve your day to day.

What is collagen

As we have mentioned, collagen is a protein that helps in different functions of tissues, that is, groups of cells. Tissues are essential for the human body to develop its activity in a healthy and balanced way, so the presence of collagen is vital.

Among its functions, collagen is responsible for keeping tissues resistant, flexible and elastic. Its most obvious presence affects bones, muscles or organs. In fact, there are different types of collagens: type I is the one found in skin and bones; type II, in cartilage.

What is collagen for?

By reading all of the above, you may have thought that collagen is important, but like many other proteins. If so, you are right. The problem with collagen is that it allows the joints to move and heal quickly and, over time, it tends to disappear.  For this reason, older people suffer so much discomfort or pain related to movement.

How to get collagen

Once you understand the importance of collagen, you will wonder how you can mitigate the consequences of its loss. Here are some answers.

Food rich in collagen

Some foods, such as oily fish, eggs or some types of meat (chicken, turkey, rabbit), are rich in collagen. Thanks to its intake, our body will be able to increase the amino acids required to form collagen naturally.

Collagen-based food supplements

As we have seen, the benefits of collagen are perceived in daily activity. However, despite taking some measures, collagen is lost naturally. To avoid this, you can start including food supplements specially formulated to stimulate the synthesis of collagen in the body and to take care of the joints. In addition to preventing wear and tear, improving the mobility and resistance of your body.

Currently there are various types of supplements. The most comfortable are collagen tablets, since they are easy to ingest and inexpensive. These food supplements, as with Bonflex, contain substances of natural origin such as hyaluronic acid, glucosamine sulfate or vitamin C, among others. For this reason, they are recommended for athletes who may suffer problems related to the joints or the elderly in advance.

Constant hydration

A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle include drinking water consistently. For the body to function properly, including tissues, it is necessary to hydrate it and keep it nourished.

Do sports on a daily basis

The practice moderate sport has many benefits for the human body. Among them, it makes the joints work and facilitates their mobility. Therefore, you must keep your body healthy and, although sometimes it costs you work, exercise it. Otherwise, the body will lose elasticity and movement.


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