Exercises for Scoliosis


Scoliosis is a disease that involves an abnormal curve-shaped deviation in the spine, forming a “C” and even an “S”.

Is scoliosis curable?

The person who suffers from scoliosis has the possibility of correcting it if it is detected early, and can live more calmly if over time they do not forget their condition and take proper care of themselves.


Most cases of scoliosis, which are detected early, have an excellent prognosis of initially improving with special exercises that work the spinal area.

In this article we will tell you some exercises that you can do if you have been diagnosed with Scoliosis, however, always remember to tell your doctor beforehand, not all cases and not all people are the same.


If you were diagnosed with scoliosis, and you asked your doctor “What can I do?”, Surely the first thing he said was Practice swimming.

Swimming strengthens the muscles of the back helping it to move, in addition, being in the water, there is an effect of lightness that minimizes the tension of the spine.

The styles that are most recommended to practice would be the back and front crawl, since they do not force or bend the spine as much, while, on the contrary, the butterfly and breaststroke styles are not recommended as much, because these, if they force the spine a little. arch of the column.

Swimming can be a great way to relieve scoliosis, and it has tons of extra benefits for your overall health, too.

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with scoliosis, head to a pool, swim, and if you don’t know, find an instructor, as this is an excellent exercise for scoliosis.

Various exercises

However, those exercises that focus on the spinal area and the strengthening of the back muscles also serve to improve the symptoms of scoliosis, especially if they are combined with swimming, the best thing about this routine is that you can Do it even at home if you don’t feel like it, nor do you feel like going outside.

These exercises can be performed between 3 and 5 times a week, it all depends on how you feel it in your body and how your doctor recommends it, these exercises will make you learn to feel your body better and achieve a greater connection between your problems and your body.

  • Exercise

  1. On a bar or back, you will suspend yourself with the palms of your hands facing forward, at the same level as your shoulders.
  2. The idea is to stretch according to the degrees of your scoliosis, so the suspension should be asymmetrical.
  3. You must take the back with the hand and the right foot at a higher height than the left or vice versa, depending on your case.
  • Exercise

  1. With your back close to the floor, your legs suspended and bent, and your knees as close to your belly as you can.
  2. The right arm to one side of the body, and the left arm extended above the head, aligned with the body.
  3. You are going to try to bring both knees together and bent to the left side and touch the floor.
  4. Then you go back to the first position.
  • Exercise

  1. On all fours, the hands with the fingers forward and parallel to the shoulders.
  2. Relax your back, your torso straight, and your knees level with your hips.
  3. The movement that you are going to make to move will be crossed – right hand, left foot, for example – and the knees do not rise from the floor, so you are sliding.

Discuss this simple routine with your doctor and he will tell you if you can do it, most likely yes.

If your case is more complicated – there are not many of this type – the exercises are not enough, and you may need a corset to correct posture or surgery, depending on the severity of the case.


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