Chinese Balls and their Positive Action on the Pelvic Floor


What are Chinese balls, how careful we should be when using them and how to use them correctly to strengthen the pelvic floor and improve our quality of life.

Before starting and to get off on the right foot we want to briefly explain what Chinese balls are. In general, Chinese balls are made up of two light balls that the woman has to insert right where a tampon is placed, that is, behind the pubococcygeus muscle in order, mainly, to strengthen the pelvic floor (perineum) that can be weakened over time, after a vaginal delivery, playing sports incorrectly, among others. As a fact and curiosity before entering fully into them is that these Chinese balls are not Chinese but Japanese! Quite curious.

Knowing what they are and what they are mainly intended for, we will explain how are they used? It is vitally important that before the first use with these balls, sterilize them for 10 minutes by placing them in boiling water. To keep them clean after each use, a wash of warm water and neutral soap would suffice, in addition to the fact that from time to time it would be advisable to re-sterize them with the same process that we will carry out before their first use. During this practice we recommend the use of a lubricant for a comfortable and effective exercise. To do this, a little lubricant will have to be applied to the first ball to facilitate the introduction, which will be quite similar to the placement of a tampon. Our recommendation is that the lubricant be water-based since it respects all types of material with which Chinese balls are made.

Let’s do it! The famous Kegel Exercise. In 5 simple steps we are going to explain the exercises to perform to strengthen our perineum. These steps are practiced after the Chinese balls have been inserted into the vagina. 5 simple steps divided into:

  1. Contract the vaginal muscles for 3-4 seconds ending after them with the relaxation of the muscle. We have to perform 10 repetitions of contraction / relaxation.
  2. Contract and relax quickly for 25 times. Maintain a fast pace without pauses between these repetitions.
  3. Hold the Chinese balls with the vagina for 3-4 seconds, after which we relax again. Again, do ten repetitions.
  4. Try to expel the balls with the vagina. We have to endure this expulsion gesture for 3 seconds and then relax again. As always 10 reps.
  5. Stroke, feel, try to hug the ball gently every 3 seconds, pausing between repetitions to relax. There are ten repetitions of this point again.

During the first sessions of this exercise, it is not advisable to spend the 15 minutes of practice in total. As in any exercise that we practice, we cannot start strong, we have to progressively feel the exercise. Later you can increase the minutes of exercise but never go over half an hour. During the first weeks we can carry out this work daily once we notice more firmness in the area, it is advisable to rest for a few months before resuming this routine for another couple of weeks.

We do not recommend the use of Chinese balls placed throughout the day while walking, working or in any other situation. It can lead us to become even weaker and have serious muscle problems. It would be something equivalent to that if we want to strengthen our arms, we go with some weights walking down the street. Absurd right? And quite likely to find yourself with injuries. The use of Chinese balls should not cause pain, discomfort if you notice them, we recommend that you stop the exercise and go to your gynecologist. On the other hand, the most comfortable way to buy Chinese balls is by betting on an online store that we can find on the Internet, where it is possible to choose from a large number of models.


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