Health benefits of Chinese balls


What are Chinese balls?

Chinese balls, although many people are unaware of it, are not a tool that provides direct sexual pleasure. Although after the famous book “50 Shades of Gray” the sales of Chinese balls have skyrocketed, neither carrying a tampon provides it nor carrying Chinese balls.

Once this is clarified, we go there with what Chinese balls really are. Chinese balls, geisha balls or also called Ben Wa balls, do not have their origin in China, but in Japan. They consist of a mechanism that is made up of two balls that are joined by a cord, where inside there is another smaller ball that collides with the walls of the ball that contains it when you put them in place, the woman wears them or is in motion.

The vibration produced by the shock of this ball against the walls of the vagina itself, causes an involuntary contraction to occur and continues by the surrounding muscles, which increases blood circulation, lubrication and muscle tone.

What seems to be proven is that the continuous use of Chinese balls by healthy adult women is a great help to improve the tone of the pelvic floor muscles, thus increasing the blood supply and the natural lubrication of the vagina, for which significantly improves the quality of sexual intercourse, producing more and longer lasting orgasms.

You can enjoy a toned and strengthened pelvic floor that will help prevent urinary incontinence and reduce the risks of prolapse.

How are they used?

The benefits that the use of Chinese balls brings us, you will only be able to achieve them by wearing them, or for the less fortunate, trying to keep them in place. The mechanism that is based on the vibration or shock of the small ball that it contains against the walls of the vagina is what increases its tonicity, lubrication and blood supply, which makes it possible to have them on and be in motion. pelvic floor tone is increased.

If, in addition to wearing them, we do a Kegel exercise routine, it will increase the strength of our pelvic floor muscles exponentially.


As we have said before, any adult, healthy woman who has a minimum of strength in her pelvic floor muscles can use Chinese balls and benefit from its effects.

It is usually used as preventive therapy before the first problems of dysfunction (incontinence or prolapse) appear in healthy women who seek to strengthen their pelvic floor or enter risk groups such as some of the following:

  • When planning a pregnancy
  • After one or more deliveries
  • Women who are overweight
  • Women who are in menopause
  • Adult women who practice impact sports (aerobics, tennis or running)

In addition, it is highly advisable in the therapy to improve the following symptoms. Of course, before consulting a specialist on the subject:

  • Stress urinary incontinence
  • Mixed urinary incontinence
  • Strength of the pelvic floor after childbirth after the age of forty
  • To treat sexual dysfunctions, either due to lack of sensitivity, decreased intensity of orgasm, etc.

We must also take into account some cases, where it is best not to use Chinese balls:

  • Generally during pregnancy its use is not recommended. In case it is not a risk pregnancy, you can consult your gynecologist about whether it is suitable to use them
  • You should not be in quarantine or in the first weeks of postpartum recovery, until the free path gynecologist
  • In case you have a vaginal or urinary tract infection
  • If you feel pain when you wear them
  • During menstruation together with absorbent tampons
  • In sexual intercourse at the time of penetration
  • Within six weeks after genitourinary or pelvic surgery


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